Chabad customs

Rabbi Noam Wagner What does the yom tov of Yud Tes Kislev mean to us?
Rabbi Yossi Paltiel What is the proper way to celebrate yud daled Kislev, the Rebbe’s wedding?
Rabbi Noam Wagner Why does one wrap the middle finger when wrapping Tefillin?
Rabbi Yossi Paltiel What does Rosh Chodesh Kislev mean to us today?
Rabbi Shlomo Goldfarb Can one use frozen challah for lechem mishnah?
Rabbi Yossi Paltiel Who compiled the ‘Ma’aineh Lashon’ that’s read at the ohel?
Rabbi Yossi Paltiel Why doesn’t Chabad learn from sifrei mussar such as the ‘Ramchal’?
Rabbi Shlomo Goldfarb Why don’t Chabad Chassidim put on tefillin on Chol Hamoed?
Rabbi Noam Wagner Why did the rebbe change Simchas Beis Hashoeva from a farbrengen to dancing in the street?
Rabbi Shlomo Goldfarb Is showering after mikvah allowed?
Rabbi Yossi Paltiel Who gave Chassidim the name Chassidim?
Rabbi Noam Wagner Is ‘Gezha’ an advantage, and did the Rebbe ever address the concept?