Chabad customs

Rabbi Noam Wagner The Alter Rebbe said that the Kugel is to Shabbos what the Shofar is to Rosh Hashana, can you please explain?
Rabbi Noam Wagner “I continuously don’t get a single Jew to put on Tefillin when on Mivtzoim, is there any point in continuing?”
Rabbi Shloma Majeski Is it more important to study the Rebbe’s Torah, over the Torah of other Chabad Rabbeim?
Rabbi Shlomo Goldfarb What are the Chabad food stringencies on Pesach?
Rabbi Noam Wagner What’s the Chassidish way to celebrate the 15th of Shvat?
Rabbi Noam Wagner Who came up with “Chodorom”, and how is it celebrated?
Rabbi Noam Wagner If woman aren’t required to Daven three times a day, do they need to learn Chitas and Rambam?
Rabbi Shlomo Goldfarb Why doesn’t Chabad do Birchas Kohanim everyday?
Rabbi Mendy Wolf Isn’t it extreme to push singing Nigunim?
Rabbi Noam Wagner Why should married women cover their hair, and why a Sheitel over a Tichel?
RABBI MENDEL ZIRKIND Is it important for a Bocher to walk around in a hat and jacket?
Rabbi Noam Wagner What does “VeYaakov Holach LeDarko” mean?