Rabbi Shlomo Goldfarb

Rabbi Shlomo Goldfarb, is a charismatic teacher and lecturer of Jewish Philosophy and Halacha, he lives with his family in Kfar Vradim northern Israel. Alongside his synagogue and community in Kfar Vradim where he serves as the city’s chief Rabbi, Rabbi Goldfarb teaches and lectures daily in numerous Seminaries/Colleges in Safed while serving as an officer and Rabbi in the Israeli Army’s northern division. Rabbi Goldfarb who has been a practicing Rabbi since 2004 particularly enjoys teaching and explaining Halacha with such enthusiasm and in a way that people should understand the background and reasoning behind each halacha. Rabbi Goldfarb who received his supplementary Rabbinic ordination from the Rav Haroshie of the land of Israel in 2016 was granted the right to rule on halacha on the subjects of Shabbat; Marriage; Family purity and Mikvaot; Kashrut; Aveilut.
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Rabbi Shlomo Goldfarb Why do we start Shabbos meals with Sholom Aleichem and Aishes Chayil instead of going straight to kiddush?
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