Coach Rabbi Zalmy Raksin

With great compassion and understanding for coming-of-age struggles, Zalmy Raksin works with teens and young adults to guide them—no matter where they are today and hope to be tomorrow. He specializes in personal development,  self-improvement, grief counseling, relationships, career mentoring, and life coaching.  Much of Zalmy’s process focuses on perspective-taking and overcoming common obstacles to happiness and success. Zalmy also counsels clients privately in person, via text, email, video and even Whatsapp.  He believes in open, clear and convenient communication with the people he helps.  Sharing a similar cultural background allows him to relate on a higher level with many of his clients.  He knows first-hand what it feels like to be young and “lost” in today’s complex world. At the same time, he understands and seeks to teach the value of self-discovery, perseverance and patience.  Zalmy Raksin was born in Crown Heights, Brooklyn.  At age 19 he began his journey  in Education.  He continued in the field and went on to earn his Grief Recovery Specialist certification from the Grief Recovery Institute. Zalmy also graduated from Coach U as a Life Coach, an ICF Certified program And most recently became a Certified Mind Map Therapy Coach under Dr. Judy Rosnberg PHD. Since entering the field more than a decade ago, he has spent thousands of hours helping hundreds of teens and young adults find direction.
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