Rabbi Mendy Wolf

Rabbi Wolf is the Author of “Shiurim Btoras Hachassidus”; a series of classes explaining the essence of belief in G-d from the perspective of Chassidus in a step-by-step fashion. Rabbi Wolf’s thoughts have been published by YJL ( www.yjlnyc.com) an organization promoting Jewish awareness throughout the business community in NYC, he sends out a weekly email and by Jspace.com on a weekly basis. Rabbi Wolf’s classes focus on making Chassidus relevant and applicable in life. Students range from Pace University to Beth Rivkah seminary and from Chassidic adults to Businessman on Wall Street. In 2014 Rabbi Wolf was honored by Yagdil Torah and awarded the “Teaching and Vision Award”. Rabbi Wolf is known for his popular “Discussion of the Week” lunch and learn classes hosted in various offices in the city. www.challahgram.com/ www.yjlnyc.com/ http://ilearnch.com/profile/mendy-wolf/
Rabbi Mendy Wolf How do I gain appreciation for Yiddishkeit like Ba’alei Teshuva?
Rabbi Mendy Wolf How much of a say should a Chassan and Kalla have in the planning of their wedding?
Rabbi Mendy Wolf I want to quit my present job, any reason not to?
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Rabbi Mendy Wolf How do I stay motivated when I am at my lowest moment?
Rabbi Mendy Wolf Are we not overdoing the amount of Sium Sefer Torah’s?
Rabbi Mendy Wolf How do I believe the extreme things they say about Tzadikim?
Rabbi Mendy Wolf What stringencies of Kashrus can one ease up on?
Rabbi Mendy Wolf Isn’t it extreme to push singing Nigunim?