Rabbi Yitzchok Lerman

Rabbi Lerman has studied at prominent Yeshiva Colleges and Universities in Toronto, Canada, Brooklyn, NY, London, England and Morristown, NJ. He received his Rabbinic ordination from many prominent Rabbis, including Rabbi Y.M. Lau former Chief Rabbi of Israel, and Rabbi D. Schochet head of the Rabbinical Council of Toronto. Rabbi Lerman has a deep passion for Jewish History, Modern Halachic dilemmas and the organization of the Torah. he has over 10 years of teaching experience and has done countless lectures around the globe on the topics of Jewish outreach and education. Rabbi Learman who currently serves as Rabbi of Congregation Beth El of Rutherford, NJ, is also Director of Chabad of the Meadowlands and teaches in Yeshiva Tomchei Tmimmim in Queens NY, and Jewish History at the "Yeshivacation" Machon Chana institute’s summer program since 2011.
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