Rabbi Shloma Majeski

Rabbi Majeski is one of the foremost exponents of Chassidic thought today. He is the author of two highly acclaimed books “The Chassidic Approach to Joy” and “A Tzaddik and His Students”, as well as lecture series entitled “The Basic Principles of Chabad Chassidic Philosophy” and “The Chassidic Heritage Series.” Rabbi Majeski magically incorporate stories of chassidim that bring Chassidic philosophy to life. Rabbi Majeski who runs the popular women’s Yeshiva in Crown Heights section of Brooklyn called Machon L’Yahadus, Rabbi Majesky emphasizes text-based learning, consistently citing sources, encouraging students to become familiar with Chassidic text and terminology. In addition to his classes, Rabbi Majeski learns individually with each student, exploring the topic of her choice. Always offering a listening ear, Rabbi Majeski is like a father for all of his students and alumni. Rabbi Majeski has been teaching college students and women of all ages who are on a Jewish journey for over three decades. More from Rabbi Majeski http://www.jewishaudio.org/sie/audio/chassidus/ http://www.jewishaudio.org/sie/audio/heritage/
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